Dimitris Kapsis

My name is Dimitris Kapsis, Senior Vice President, Energy Management Solutions for AUM. During my time with the Company, I’ve helped AUM expand its offerings to become a national energy solution and management services provider that helps multifamily clients save on energy and utility costs.

I’ve played a role in the development of each of these, including energy management planning, which I’d say is my greatest strength. I also work with facility utility audits, rate variance programs, property acquisition management, and energy procurement.

I’m active in the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning (ASHRAE). I hold several professional certifications, including Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) and Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP®).

I love to spend time with my wife and daughters. Don’t hold it against me that I’m a lifelong Washington Redskins Fan.